TYPE 2 DIABETES - Did you know?

  • The Greek physician Aretaeus (81-138AD) appears to have been the first to describe the condition, which he named diabetes, from the Greek “to pass through" because of the excessive thirst and urination with which the condition is associated (Adams, The Extant Works, 1856).
  • British physician Thomas Willis noted the sweet taste of the urine of patients with diabetes, and used the Latin word for honey - mellitus - to distinguish between this condition and other causes of excessive urination. (Willis, Pharmaceutice Rationalis or an exercitation of the operations of medicines in humane bodies, 1678).

Diabetics Win Big with Technology

Many of the burdens of diabetes care are being eliminated with the advances in technology in medical devices and mobile applications. Technology tools can help us monitor and modify behavior so we can make smart choices about exercise and diet so as to reduce the impact of diabetes. How to Live Well with Type 2 Diabetes-one of the self-care motivation card sets available on our website-offers information about the latest tech tools to make your life easier. Try these:

  • Work with a nutritionist to create a meal plan based on your food-preferences, then use one of these free mobile apps to stay on track: Glucose Buddy, DiabetesIQ, or Diabetes GPS.
  • You know what you should do, but don't always do it? Use DailyFeats, SuperBetter, or EndoGoddess apps to get motivated and earn rewards when you reach your goals. Available for free on iTunes.
  • Devices to look for: iBigStar has created a blood glucose meter that connects directly to your iPhone or iPod, and the iBigStar App manages your diabetes information.
  • iPhones come with built-in accessibility features that can be activated right out of the box for diabetics, or others, with visual disabilities.

30 Days Worth of Motivating
Health Messages


Order Tools For Living Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Everything you need to be empowered, motivated, and successful in your self-care. Each box (4.125" x 4.125" x .25", 2.5 oz.) contains:15 two-sided, full-color cards. Order online at: www.meganslivingwell.com.


Margaret Rosas is an experienced data networks engineer, web applications developer, and social media strategist.

Q: How are people's lives being changed by technology? I am in contact with many innovators and entrepreneurs. I help them develop their products and arrange for collaboration with other entrepreneurs. I think the greatest innovations and synergies come when people work in their passion place and promote their own causes.

Most of the innovators, because of their own life experience, are creating a tool that will make life easier in some way, such as a way to share information, an app to get you motivated to go to the gym, or one to connect you with a healthcare specialist.

Q: How does the innovation of a tech project begin? It always begins with a problem to solve. Innovators are usually very good at understanding how people solve problems and process information.

Q: What trends do you see in technology? It's going to become even easier for people to manage their lives and their health, and a great deal of it will be through the use of technology and smartphones.

Margaret Rosas has been a founder to TechRaising, Santa Cruz Geeks, Freelance Camp, Hope Foundry, and the Google Fiber campaign. She is an advisor to NextSpace, infrastructure for innovation, with locations all over California.

You don't get to choose your chronic health condition, but you can choose how to live with it.

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