Congratulations on your
decision to live well!

You may be here because you, or a loved one, is living with a chronic illness and looking for answers about how to live well. Megan's Living Well is here to help.

Amy Sibiga created the Megan's Living Well (MLW) product line and named it after her beloved niece Megan who became a diabetic when she was seven years of age. From an early age, Amy was surrounded by family members with diabetes and other serious diseases, and she herself was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 38 years ago.

In the course of sharing with Megan what Amy and her family had discovered by trial and error about living well with chronic illness over many years, Amy wondered, with so many friends, family and co-workers touched by a condition requiring medical attention, how can I help improve the quality of others' lives, too? Amy's life's passion became helping individuals who are struggling with chronic health conditions to improve the quality of their lives. Megan's Living Well products are the manifestation of that passion.

Working with a select group of health experts and drawing from her own experience, Amy compiled well-founded advice and action steps for the most common health concerns of people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, depression, chronic pain, heart disease, and menopause. She searched her heart to craft clear, practical, and motivating messages that uplift those challenged with illness. Megan's Living Well self-care cards are receiving high praise from those using the cards to live well, or giving them as gifts.

About Megan's Living Well Founder,
Amy Sibiga

Amy is a published author, photographer, and recipient of many design awards. She has devoted her career to inspiring people to lead healthier, joyful, and productive lives through the use of innovative daily intervention steps. Amy sets the vision and strategy for Megan's Living Well, and is responsible for building MLW's leadership position in the self-care products for chronic illness industry. She is expanding the product line to address a variety of different health conditions to help more people.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for making people's lives better has led to being designated Lifestyle Innovator of the Year by Project 17 International in 2011. Amy continues to live with her chronic illness and speaks from experience about challenges to living well. Her personal recipe for living well includes a big dose of healthy living comprised of good nutrition, physical fitness, and creating beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

Megan's Living Well's Wish for You

Today, Megan is living well. She is loved, cared for, and enjoying each and every day. Megan's Living Well wants that for your life, too.

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